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Horse Show Reminders

posted Jan 27, 2011, 8:35 PM by Blue Heron Farm
Show starts at 8:30, to beat the crowd of the warm up ring I would like the first group of students (walk, trotters) on at 7:00 (that means arriving around 6:45, sorry) and then the second group by 7:20 ish. We will be sitting around until it starts but thats better than rushing. 

Attire: tan breeches, white polo, plain sweater, belt, gloves, helmet. Preferably half chaps, tall boots, or jodhpur straps.

I would like everybody dressed and ready to go when the show starts at 8:30. You may want to wear pants over your breeches etc to stay clean if you are riding later. Mud boots are usually a good idea. Your horses should also be clean by 8:30. You should always be ten min from being able to be on your horse!  Try to come friday to help put your stuff in the trailer. You are responsible for your saddle, bridle, and girth. I will pack saddle pads, brushes etc. 

Parents: pack snacks and water, try to get them to eat breakfast :) There is a place to get lunch on the grounds, otherwise you can pack a lunch. Generally we are done by 2:00 or 3:00. It will depend on how many people show up. I encourage all students to stay and watch and cheer each other on. If you are not showing you can help keep other horses clean at the gate. Addie can answer questions as well.